17 11 / 2012

I’ve seen some people saying that this is a sign that any relationship between them would be abusive, but I disagree. People say things they don’t mean all the time. Yeah, Klaus isn’t known for making empty threats, especially when it comes to killing people, but he has proven time and time again that Caroline is different.

Plus, she didn’t believe him. She didn’t even blink before she kept talking. Somewhere inside herself, she knows that he wouldn’t hurt her.

And for the people who continually say that Klaus is selfish and shallow, I completely disagree. We have seen that so much of his cruelty comes from a place of deep pain, growing and festering over a thousand years. He doesn’t understand love because he was never loved by the two people who should have loved him the most— his parents. He pushes people away because then HE is in control of his loneliness. He can rationalize that he is alone because he chooses to be. All of this was true for a thousand years before he met Caroline. Somehow she touched something inside of him that he had been repressing his entire existence. She gave him hope that someone could see him as something other than a monster. Her kindness and empathy put a crack in his shell of doubt. Gave him a glimpse of what it would feel like to be worthy of love.

Obviously he can’t magically flip the switch on everything he has been for his whole life, so he continues to hurt people and selfishly pursue his hybrid army. But there are moments when he is able to set his selfish desires aside. Brief flashes of the man he could become. Like when he sacrificed one of his hybrids to help Elena. Yeah, he did it for Caroline, which is relatively selfish, but also to help end Elena’s torment. He could have kept her locked up indefinitely to keep her from killing herself and just let her suffer through the hallucinations, but he chose to make a sacrifice in order to make things easier for her. It’s a tiny thing, but it’s definitely a change from the Klaus we first met in S2.

Then there’s his bromance with Stefan. No matter how many times Stefan rejects him, for some reason, Klaus can’t give up hope for getting his friend back, even if he’s not the Ripper anymore. Yet another crack in his armor, revealing his deeply buried desire for companionship, which is really what his hybrid army is about in the first place. It has never been about world domination. He just doesn’t want to be alone. I think THAT is the root of why Klaus does most of the things he does. He craves companionship and loyalty.

He is damaged, not inherently evil.

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