05 2 / 2013

Ugh, Emily Owens… Still not ok. It’s so much worse because she acted EXACTLY like I would act and exactly like most girls would act. When your crush of 4 years shows up at your door with sex eyes, your brain turns off. No matter how great the other guy is or how much you like him, it’s the thrill of finally getting that guy you’ve wanted for so long and you can’t help yourself. And you know what, FUCK HER for acting like I would act.

I watch TV because I want to see people actually end up with the right person! Because that never actually happens. If I wanted to see someone pine for a guy who will never appreciate how great she is or watch someone bang the wrong guy because he said one nice thing… well, I’d watch my own life. At least in my life, there’s no Micah to get his heart broken.

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